Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What khushboo told about Tamil Women





Tamil Women?


Khushboo used to write articles on topics such as Women education,Women Liberation.

One of the tamil magazine asked to write an article on "CHANGING SEXUAL
ATTITUDE" of women.

The following is what she wrote:

"Given our conservative Indian backdrop, women are slowly
coming out. But I do

have questions about this women’s liberation when cases like Stefani’s
accident are

happening?" [Stefani was chased and killed by drunken youths}

"But at the same time, I think sex education is a must in our schools.
When the

schools fail to teach about sex, parents should educate their children about
sex. In

my opinion, sex is not only related to body; it’s got a lot to do with
our minds. I can’t

understand how some girls could change their boyfriends every Friday. When a

is sure about her boyfriend she can tell her parents that she’s going
out with him.

When the girl has a serious relationship the parents should also allow it.".

" Our society should liberate itself from such ideas that
brides should all be virgins

at the time of marriage. No educated man will expect his bride to be virgin
at the

time of marriage. But when indulging in pre-marital sex, the girl should guard

against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases."

Basically, the topic is on Sexual Attitude and khushboo has expressed her thoughts
in a way any well-educated and society-concious person will do. I dont find
anything related to tamil culture or insulting tamil-women.

May be by giiving wide publicity to the aritcle, much damage has been done
to the tamil-women and tamil-society. While many tamil ladies dresses and behaves
deviating totally from tamil culture, it is really a wonderful thing to see
Ms.khushboo (who is a north indian) lives as per the standards of tamil culture.


From various sources, I am able collect this much of information.
If you know anything more, kindly inform me so that I can modify this article.


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